About Us

In 2013, UConn founded the UTC Institute for Advanced Systems Engineering (UTC-IASE) with financial support from the United Technologies Corporation. UTC's initial pledge of $10 million, spanning five years, helps the Institute to reach its goals on both short- and long-term bases by the following:

  •  Establish several educational programs, including certificate programs and a Master of Engineering (MENG) program in Systems Engineering (SE).
  •  Conduct a series of competitively selected research projects with a funding goal of $500,000 per year
    (total), to be conducted by UConn research scientists and students in collaboration with PW.
  •  Create PW-IASE fellowships to attract highly qualified students and to enhance research activities.
  •  Establish industry outreach activities; including a seminar series, a distinguished lecture program, and an international conference; with the objective of hosting internationally renowned scholars to engage a broad
    community of scientist and engineers within PW, UConn, and beyond.

The PW-IASE now serves as a hub for world-class research, project-based learning by globally-distributed teams of students, and industrial outreach activities focused on model-based systems engineering (MBSE) of complex systems that are built from, and are dependent on, the synergy of computational and physical components. The convergence of computation, communications, control, and intelligence enables cyber physical systems (CPS) to have learning and predictive capabilities able to adapt to changing situations. Motivated by the increasing complexity of advanced products and the digital revolution, the Institute trains engineers in urgently needed CPS-related disciplines that are pivotal to innovation and product enhancement in the globally competitive economy. The Institute is positioned to advance the science base of CPS and to accelerate its technological translation into sustained industrial growth.