Research Foci

Specific Areas

Requirements modeling, architecture and formalization of large-scale cyberphysical systems

Formal verification & validation methods

Formal methods

Model verification

System modeling language and applications

Physics and data driven modeling, abstraction and reduction for system simulation and verification

Cyberphysical system model and analysis

Physics-informed machine learning

Model reduction and abstraction

Surrogate modeling and meta-modeling

Advanced (robust and resilient) system control, optimization and supervision of uncertain cyberphysical and embedded systems

Supervisory control and optimization

Big Data and sparsity in control

Data assimilation for control and optimization

Large-scale real-time optimization

Data- and model-based system diagnostics and prognostics of systems under uncertainty, including systems generating big data

Fault detection under system uncertainty

Anomaly prognosis

Information stewardship

Uncertainty propagation and quantification

Information fusion

Cyber-security as applied to cyberphysical systems, embedded systems and systems engineering

Design for cyber secure systems

Cloud hosted control and data analytics

Security of IoT architectures, sensors & solutions

Secure, wireless networking of embedded systems

Data mining and sensor fusion for cyber secure networked systems