Through transformative research, education, and workforce development, the IASE has the mission to produce disseminate and commercialize new science and technology in the field of cyber-physical systems engineering.

The Institute will build on its research and educational programs in the foundational scientific areas of: requirements formalization and systems engineering, physics and data driven modeling, advanced system control and optimization, system diagnostics, prognostics, and health management, systems engineering principles of cyber-security.

The IASE focuses on three technology areas, drawing on its fundamental knowledge base; namely: Platform-based requirements formalization; Hybrid and heterogeneous acausal modeling of cyber and physical system components and systems; and Information & Big Data management and stewardship.

These technologies enable progress in the areas of embedded, autonomous and modular systems, which — depending on the application domains of interest (e.g., smart buildings and cities, aerospace systems, manufacturing and energy industries, robotics and cybersecurity) — are infeasible with today’s discipline-based structure of research and education.


The IASE aspires to become a hub for federally funded efforts in all areas of cyber-physical systems. Further, the Institute aspires to build on the strengths and progress made in its first four years of operation and the unique talent base at UConn to serve as a hub for cross-cutting research and education.