Ashwin Dani

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Key Active Research Projects

  • Human-Robot Collaboration (Robot Learning from Demonstration, Human Intention Inference)
  • GPS-denied Visual-inertial Navigation of UAS
  • Image-based Tracking
  • Human-robot interaction in walking rehabilitation robotics
  • Building Cooling Load Forecasting

Future Directions

  • Human-Robot collaboration (control, planning, robot learning)
  • GPS-denied vision-based navigation, computer vision and sensor fusion
  • Hard and soft data sensor fusion
  • Human-robot interaction in walking rehabilitation robotics (Exoskeleton-aids for walking)

Key Skills/Capabilities

Research Specialties:

  • Estimation and Control System Design for uncertain nonlinear and large-scale systems
  • Modeling and simulation capabilities using a variety of state-of-the-art platforms:
  • ROS, python, C/C++, Gazebo, Matlab, ABB RobotStudio, Dymola

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Ashwin Dani

Contact Information
Phone(860) 486-3344