Brian Baillie

Ph.D. Student

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

I grew up in Emmaus, Pennsylvania and developed interests in chemistry and computer science in high school. I came to UConn to study chemical engineering, graduating in 2014. As an undergraduate, I worked on projects relating to process simulation and modeling and was offered to opportunity to continue my studies as a Ph.D. student. My current research is focused on the development of model reduction and optimization techniques that can be applied to a broad range of nonlinear systems. I have also been involved in model development and validation as well as lab-scale process prototyping.

Systems Engineering Focus

Key Active Research Projects

  • High-fidelity thermofluid system modeling for chillers and chiller plants
  • Algorithmic term and parameter elimination methods for model reduction
  • Optimal design of experiments for reduced model selection

Future Directions

  • Improved heuristics for reduced model generation
  • Integrated ‘one-click’ model reduction framework for equation-based models

Key Skills/Capabilities

  • Software & Languages:┬áModelica, MATLAB, Python, COMSOL, AspenPLUS, LabVIEW
  • Model development
  • Model reduction
  • Research / Lab Website:
Contact Information
Mailing AddressCenter for Clean Energy Engineering University of Connecticut 44 Weaver Road, Unit 5233 , Storrs, CT 06269
Office LocationC2E2 103B, UTEB 268