Daniel Fontaine

Dan recently defended his PhD (October 2016) in Computer Science and Engineering with research focused on Optimization Research and the development of new tools and theoretical approaches to automating the development of hybrid solver. He has successfully developed tools combining Constraint Programming, Mixed-Integer Programming and Local Search techniques as well as developing new generalizations of classic optimization techniques such as Lagrangian Relaxation.

Systems Engineering Focus

Key Active Research Projects

  • Development of models capturing the relevant design aspects of the electrical system of aircraft.
  • Hybrid techniques for optimizing aircraft power systems in terms of factors such as weight, safety and cost.

Future Directions

  • Expanded scale and sophistication of power network models
  • Developing new solvers that integrate custom search and local search techniques

Key Skills/Capabilities

  • C / C++ / Objective-C
  • Python, R
  • Constraint Programming
  • Integer Programming
  • Local Search
Contact Information