Iman Salehi

Ph.D. Student

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Iman Salehi received his Masters degree from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Hartford in 2015. Prior to joining UConn as a Ph.D. student, he was a full-time lecturer for three semesters at the University of Hartford. It was during his Masters program that he developed interests in machine learning, nonlinear systems, and robotics. Iman is currently working with Dr. Ashwin Dani in the Robotics and Controls Lab at the University of Connecticut. Iman’s research is focused on the development of algorithms using machine learning tools that enable robots to learn movement primitives from demonstrations while assuring (1) the important properties of the demonstrated task are maintained, and (2) the safety of human operators in a collaborative setting is guaranteed. 


System Engineering Focus 


Key Active Research Projects

– Learning from demonstrations 

– Physics-Informed Machine Learning


Key Skills

– MATLAB and Simulink

– Python

Contact Information
Office LocationUniversity of Connecticut
CampusStorrs, CT