Kyle Palmer

Graduate Assistant

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

I grew up in Oregon City, Oregon, just 30 minutes away from Portland. At school, I always had an interest and a knack for math and science, particularly chemistry. When given the choice between careers in science or engineering, I chose engineering because of its practical applications and the benefits it can bring to industry. In 2013, I acquired BS degrees in chemical engineering and biological engineering at Montana State University. Less than 3 weeks later, I moved to Connecticut and am pursuing a doctorate in chemical engineering, specializing in simulations and model-based optimizations. Thanks to the ongoing collaboration with UTC (particularly UTAS and SCE) I have been shown on many occasions what engineering in industry entails, through experiences I would not have received through graduate school alone.

Systems Engineering Focus

Key Active Research Projects

  • Optimal test designs in fault identification involving model-based methodologies
  • Fouling detection in aircraft environmental control systems
  • Cross-flow heat exchanger models compatible with multi-component systems modeling

Future Directions

  • Minimization of the effects of uncertainty in fault detection and isolation
  • Application of optimal test methods to full-scale system models

Key Skills/Capabilities

  • Modelica & Dymola
  • Python
  • Research / Lab Website:
Contact Information
Phone(971) 678-5586
Mailing AddressCenter for Clean Energy Engineering University of Connecticut 44 Weaver Road, Unit 5233 , Storrs, CT 06269
Office LocationC2E2 A105