Xin Shen

Graduate Assistant

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Xin Shen is a Ph.D candidate working with Dr. Bahram Javidi in the Multidimensional Optical Sensing & Imaging Systems (MOSIS) lab at the University of Connecticut. He has worked on a wide range of research topics with vision related technologies and systems in the optics and computer vision fields. These topics range from multi-view optical sensing using camera arrays for data acquisition to advanced image processing and pattern recognition methods for novel digital / optical imaging systems. Xin received a dual M.S. degree in 2013, one M.S. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Xidian University, China; and one M.S. degree of Science in Engineering from Doshisha University, Japan.


Key active research projects

Three-dimensional imaging systems

Advanced imaging and visualization technologies with Augmented Reality


Future directions

Multidimensional optical imaging systems with Augmented Reality


Key Skills / Capabilities



Digital / optical image signal processing


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