Month: November 2017

Congratulations to Brian Baillie and Chen Chen on receiving awards at the AIChE connference!


Congratulations to Brain Baillie!

Congratulations to Brain Baillie for receiving the CAST Director’s Award.  The title of the poster is Term Elimination and Optimal Selection for Model Reduction. Authors are Brian P. Baillie and George M. Bollas. This work is part of the Physics-Informed Machine Learning project with the Institute, sponsored by Pratt & Whitney and UTAS.


Congratulations to Chen Chen!

Congratulations to Chen Chen for receiving The PSE Model-Based Innovation Prize 2017.  PSE offers prizes for the best papers describing the use of gPROMS family products in an innovative way or in a novel area of application or technology.

Previous work describes the integration of chemical-looping combustion, a novel combustion approach reducing CO2 emissions efficiently, with combine cycle power plant. In this paper, gPROMS (PSE software product) and Dymola (Modelica language software) were used for the simulation and optimization.

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